Monday, 16 May 2011

Seriously Good Cooking Sauce

The Family Panel love a good bolognese for dinner- what can be simpler to feed the brood than some mince, an onion and a cooking sauce? But what cooking sauce to try? They've been trying out Seriously Good's Italian sauce to see how it compares to their usual brand.

The Seriously Good Italian sauce- specially produced for Comic Relief from a Gordon Ramsay recipe, is just as user friendly as other sauces available. Just as good for stirring into pasta, or as we used it as a sauce for bolognese, its a rich sauce, with a great amount of flavour packed in.

I always find that some sauces can taste synthetic, and you are left wondering if they have any natural ingredients at all. They can also sometimes be disconcertingly sweet- with many containing artificial sweeteners, which I find baffling in a savoury sauce.

Not so with the Seriously Good sauce- it boasted Red wine flavour and it delivered it, without being too pungent to give to the Tot Testers. It could also boast an authentic taste, with Balsamic vinegar (not something I'd ever thought to add) and two types of tomato. Whilst I did add some garlic, as its my personal must in a bolognese, the overall taste of the sauce when poured on mince, onion and mushroom was a rich, flavourful sauce, which smelt as good as it tasted and left us all wanting seconds.

The website offers handy recipes for using with your sauce, and reassures about whats contained within the jar. It also explains why they got involved with Comic Relief and how the range of sauces is helping to fund the charities projects.

A great sauce which is a good all rounder for adults and kids alike, it was certainly loved by this family!

Available from all major supermarkets

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