Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tinga Tinga Tales on DVD

It's half term, but it seems that the sun has decided to hide (probably until all the children are back at school!). The Tot Testers have been watching Tinga Tinga Tales on DVD- so did it reign in the rain related boredom?

Both the Tot Testers love Tinga Tinga Tales on CBeebies- yes, its a bright cartoon as is usual with children's TV, but its based on African Folklore, something that I certainly was never taught at school. 

The programmes are on two DVDs, with 5 episodes per disc, and the episodes are just long enough to grab the attention, but not too long so as the children get bored. 

Each one centres around a group of cheeky monkeys who narrate and tell the children how animals came to look like or do the things which they are known for, such as how Elephants ended up with a trunk, or why Hyenas howl at the moon.

The voices are spot on, engaging even the hardest to sit still with their vibrant voices (they have accents but not so you cant gage whats going on in the dialogue, and I'm pleased they didn't use an English voice or I don't think it would have worked at all), and the animation is superb, using a vast mix of colour and pattern to bring the stories to life.


We have waited ages for these to come out on DVD, and now they are finally here, its lovely to all watch the beautiful drawing and the funny way in which even the most perilous part of the tale is relayed. 

A must have for parents who prefer their cartoons with an educational twist!

The Tinga Tinga Tales "How Elephant Got His Trunk" and "Why Lions Roar" DVDS are available to buy at Amazon (currently on special at 2 for £9).

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