Friday, 10 June 2011

New Style Bikes and Trikes for all ages

The Tot Testers have been trying out a new styles of go cart, the Ezy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine, and a twist on the classic toddler trike, the Scuttlebug. So, when the suns been shining and they've been able to go for a ride, what did they think?

Little Tot is now a much more independent child, and whilst he was happy last year to be pushed on his traditional trike, this year he wants to go it alone. At close to 3, a parent wants to encourage this sudden independence, but at the same time may worry about accidents. 

We tried a Scuttlebug- whilst this is a traditional trike, in that it has 3 sturdy wheels, which support movement, and a large seat to sit on, the design has that little bit of wow factor to a child.

Its lightweight- so lightweight that Little Tot could move it with ease whether he was riding it or picking it up to move it! However its not so lightweight that it tips over when used on grass or an uneven surface.

There are no peddles to get in the way- I recall my trike had these and I never used them, they got in the way and I'd bump my ankles! 

The design, in our case of a ladybird, made it eye catching, and when stood next to a traditional trike it really stands out. The colours are vibrant and Little Tot certainly loved the bug design. The wheels are soft too- so Little Tot could play indoors on the Scuttlebug without damaging the carpet- and its so quiet too- no squeaks or grinding noises!

From a parents view, its possibly the easiest toy or bike I've ever had the pleasure of putting together. As any parent knows, a new toy is wanted the minute its removed from the box, and with the Scuttlebug it took under a minute from box to being used. It folds flat too in 3 simple clicks, so can be transported on car journeys without taking up lots of room. 

The Scuttlebug by Mookie is available in a variety of styles, and can be purchased for a purse friendly £24.99 from Amazon

Next up, Big Tot tried out an Ezy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine.

The Ezy Roller is, at first glance, a go cart, and looks quite small. When I first saw it put together, which took slightly longer than the Scuttlebug, I thought it was quite an expensive item which would be played with for perhaps two summers before both Tots grew too big for it. However, Gadget Dad showed me that the product can be extended- and according to the instructions included, can fit from age 4 to 14! Not many out door ride on toys can boost that longevity!

Its quite hard to describe it- its got the low to the ground seat of a go cart, however, there are no pedals. The child propels themselves forward using leg movements to the left or right. This took Big Tot a while to work out and caused a bit of frustration, so perhaps the "age 4" tag is slightly ambitious. 

It does, when the technique is mastered, go quite fast, something that Big Tot loved (but which may make a parent worried!) and I would recommend the use of knee pads and a helmet with this toy. 

Its rust free, so if looked after should last for many summers. Its also lightweight and silent due to the lack of batteries or chains, so maintenance is also at a minimum.

Overall, a good toy, with potential once the Tots are a little more co-ordinated.

The Ezy Roller is available from Amazon priced between £79.99-£109

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