Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set

A while back, you may remember the Tot Tester's got to watch a brand new Disney show called Jungle Junction. Since then, the programme has grown in popularity and now, as with most kids TV shows, there is now a tie-in selection of toys. We previewed the Wheel Around Fun Set to see what the Tot's thought....

Jungle Junction is one of many modern educational programmes shown across the Disney Channels available. It follows then that this toy should have some sort of educational purpose to it.

As with other playset based toys, its bright and inviting, encouraging children to grab the toys. I was surprised that it's not suitable for under 3's as it's definitely a programme and toy style I'd pitch towards 2 and up.

However, as its based on a road set up, there are small parts, which I don't really think the toy particularly needed. Perhaps if this toy is redesigned at any point, making the signposts chunkier maybe a design consideration.

That said, it does encourage imaginative play, whether the children know the characters well or not. The three character toys represented (who, I'm reliably informed by Big Tot, are Ellyvan, Bungo and Zooter) are chunky and friendly looking little things, and are a break from the traditional car shapes usually associated with road sets.

Sadly, this didn't impress the Tots for long, as its quite small, and they already have a traditional car play mat. From a parent's point of view, when a toy is costing between £9.99 and £20 depending on where you buy, its pretty dull. It doesn't make any noises, its pretty boring for the age its aimed at in a time when there are more impressive toys becoming available at almost the same price. It also doesn't bode well that within 5 minutes, one of the sign posts was easily snapped in half.

You really do expect better from something associated with Disney, and something which looked quite promising.

Definitely a could do better here, in my view as its aimed at the wrong age group, and could have had sounds added.

The Jungle Junction Wheel Around Fun Set is made by Flair and is available from Amazon (cheapest price online).

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