Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Tot Testers are a fashion conscious pair, and like any parent knows, feet, however tiny, need a good quality shoe that wont wear out in a few days. We've been trying out, so, what did we think?

Just like any other children, the Tots seem to need new shoes every month as they grow faster and faster. It can be hard to balance finding good quality shoes, using the best materials, with affordability. There is also the added problem as a child becomes more vocal in what they like or don't like in agreeing on a style for all occasions.

Spartoo, an online only retailer stocks footwear for the whole family, and is well stocked with various styles, sizes and brands both well known or otherwise, from Ugg to Converse and everything in between.

The site is simple to navigate, and splits into categories depending on what kind of footwear you need. Inventive tags include "skate", "relax" and "rock"- quite different to the usual tired descriptions and obviously a clever use of marketing as it certainly sticks in the mind.

The footwear available is competitively priced, with a pair of Converse starting as low as £26, they offer free delivery and returns, and most shoes available come with handy customer reviews.

We let the Tots hand pick their choice of footwear to try out. Big Tot decided on a pair of on-trend Gladiator sandals, made by Hello Kitty.

The sandals proved just as popular on Big Tot's feet as they did when she spotted them on screen- I had to fend off queries from other Mum's at the playschool door whose eager daughters wanted a pair too!

They are made from soft leather, and being metallic and miniature versions of what you'd expect most women to be buying from the High street, Big Tot was very pleased at how fashionable she was! She has worn them for long walks and has had no discomfort at all- and she'd be the first to complain!

At £35, they may seem a little pricey for a pair of sandals, but considering they are a character shoe, which usually last for a very limited time indeed, these are worth the expense and will see your child through summer. They are a good all-rounder, as they aren't too flashy for everyday, but just sparkly enough for parties too.

The Hello Kitty logo is also discreet too. Big Tot is impressed and have to say I am too.

We also tried out a pair of classic Converse All Stars for Little Tot. 

Trainers are a must for children like Little Tot who are constantly active, so it can be an expensive item. With the Spartoo trainers, we found a well known brand in Converse, but at under £30, its not going to hit your budget too much. The trainers were a good all rounder, and as they are canvas can be washed in the washing machine on a cool wash, coming up like new no matter how much mud they were caked in!

The site is great, and is a one stop must for all the families footwear. Its impossible not to find something for whatever occasion or budget, and its quick and easy to use, with clear images which can be rotated to see all sides. 

A Family Panel Thumbs Up.

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