Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gordon Ramsay Slow Cooker and Tagine

Gadget Dad has been indulging two of his passions in his latest review- cooking and tech! He's been testing the Gordon Ramsay Slow Cooker and Tagine, so what did he think?

Gordon Ramsay, like many other celeb chef now has not just an ever growing range of books, but now also puts his name to cooking appliances as well. I have to admit that at first this put me off- I once owned a set of very nice looking Pots and Pans which an equally popular chef put his name to, which were impractical as they burnt your hand everytime you used the handle.

However, he Gordon Ramsay Tagine is much safer, featuring a cool touch base and removable pot, and I'm happy to say I've remained burn free! 

Its quite deceptive in size- whilst you do need to strip down a chicken if you want to cook it in the appliance, it does still hold sufficient liquid and food stuffs to make a stew or Goulash to feed two adults and two young children.

Its a very practical device for the coming months, as the handy heat switch can be set to a keep warm setting which automatically cuts out after the temperature gauge tells it its hot enough. I happily left this on whilst I went out to collect the Tots. If you have more time, the high setting allows you to sear meat and add the other ingredients afterwards- its literally a one pot wonder where there's no need to use lots of pots and frying pans and limits the washing up- certainly an added bonus!

If you are a busy parent, or perhaps on a tight budget, this is the ideal appliance. I used it to make a stew from leftover roast dinner chicken, chucked in an onion chopped in 4 and a couple of carrots, and left it over night. By dinnertime, the veg had gone soft and the stock from the chicken was fabulous. 

If you want to feed a bigger family, I would suggest a larger version, as this is more suited to 2 people (we have two children who eat bird sized portions!).

I liked that it could also be used as tableware with the large Tagine lid- this is also came in handy when shoving a bit extra food in as the flat glass lid did restrict portion amounts.

Overall, a very good item which will be a godsend over the cold winter months.

The Gordon Ramsay Slow Cooker and Tagine is available from Argos at £37.99


  1. i tried this slow cooker out and i followed 1 of the recipes in the book. i did exactly as it told me and put the ingredients in then switched the thing onto high as it says in the book. the book says to leave it for about 4 hours. i checked it in about half an hour and the liquid was coming over the side and had left a large pool of liquid surrounding the cooker. then i carried on with the dish but added a little water to the mix so that it wont dry out. after the liquid coming over the side i then decided to check it more often just incase it was happening again. turns out that everytime i checked it it was nearly completely dry and i have had to add water constantly every half hour or so and it is still burning the ingredients at the bottom. i dont know why this has been happening i have followed the ingredients perfectly and exactly. i think they obviously havent tried this recipie in this slow cooker. i think if you put it on the slower setting it would have been ok not the high 1. maybe i will try that next time. thats if i decide to use it again i may just throw it away. not a happy 1st use anyways.

    1. Hi Phil and thanks for commenting.

      I have been using the slow cooker for some time now, and have to agree the low setting is always best when cooking for longer periods. Obviously all recipe books are a guide and tested on a certain slow cooker, so age of book can be a problem.
      The high setting really does exactly that! Its fine for heating something through at the beginning, but I always find when I am leaving something on all day to eat in the evening, low is best.
      Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by