Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It, By Alison Pearson

20somethingmum finally has time to herself now both the Tots are at school, and she's indulged her favourite past time of reading with I Don't Know How She Does It, now a major new film starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

I love books, and, personally, if a book is being made into a film, I always like to read the book as the author intended before settling down to watch the Hollywood version.

In Alison Pearson's novel, the main character, Kate is a busy, time starved Mum of two, who is trying to juggle both a successful city career with being a good parent, loving wife and close friend. 

Inevitably, and with a car crash like inevitability, we see her fail to manage all those labels, and the consequences of it on Kate and those she is closest to.

I loved this book, I have to say it straight out, I could not put this down, I even sat in my kitchen cooking Sunday Lunch whilst trying to read the book!  Whilst I don't have a successful London career, I could relate to the character as if I was reading about a real life actual person. We all find it hard these days to make time for all the things that matter, and often I find myself awake at 3am, making lists in my head of things I simply must find time for, just like Kate.

You also find yourself mentally willing Kate to make that much needed call to her family, or to her friend Jill, and curse as yet again she forgets too. I also started to assess the effect my attitude towards my own children- we have all at some point fobbed them off with a cartoon to get that important piece of work or 5 minute cup of coffee in the middle of a busty day. With Pearson's book and her clever writing skill, we are able to see directly the confusion this causes to a young child if done regularly.

AT times the book is achingly poignant, and at others jaw achingly funny-especially the character of Candy- this book has everything and is a must read for busy Mum's everywhere.

I now look forward to the film- although, as an aside I do worry at the effect switching the action to the US from London will have and have to comment that when I read the character of Kate I imagined Kate Winslet in the role instead. However, I'm sure with Pearson's input, and the amazing story already in the book the film will be great.

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