Friday, 4 November 2011

Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven

Christmas is coming, and its time to look to what is available to keep your kids smiling on Christmas day and beyond. First up is a product from Disney, the Magic Rise Oven.

Big Tot is a fan of all things girly, pink and princess related, so the Disney Magic Rise Oven ticks all those boxes. It also peaked her interest as, now she is at school, she is encouraged to act like a big girl and do some light baking as one of their curriculum activities.

From a parent's view, if you're not too keen on allowing your eager child loose in the kitchen with a hot stove, this makes a great make believe alternative, and also encourages imaginative play.

The Magic Rise Oven comes with a raft of accessories included, which is a good start as there are no separate extra cost items needed, which seems to be a new way of making money within the toy community. It was very simple to set up, and to use, and Big Tot didn't require much help to work it out herself.

The magic wand element was welcomed by Big Tot, as she loved the make believe of a wave of a wand making the "cake" rise. However, the cake will rise with or without the wand, so obviously if you have a child prone to losing bits and bobs this isn't an issue.

The noises are imaginative, and really re-enforce the magical element. They certainly made Little Tot laugh, and Big Tot loved the idea of being a fairy able to create cakes with a magic wand sound effect.

I would say the downsides are that there are only two pretend cakes with the set, and these are quite fiddly to re-flatten. It also doesn't take long for each cake to rise, so the boredom factor is quite high. I also had to remind Big Tot not to be heavy handed with it, as its quite lightweight and I could foresee with too much force that the door may pop off. 

However, Big Tot enjoyed playing with it, and loved to dress up in one of her Princess outfits and play bakeries. 

For £30, its quite expensive, and I would have liked to see a few more cakes to play with for that price. 

The Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven is available from Amazon amongst other retailers.

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  1. Bought this for my daughter for christmas. She is 4 years old. It's totally rubbish quality. Door hinges cracked on first use so door now falls off everytime you use it. Cakes rising is hit and miss. Bought from Argos for £35. In my opinion, not worth more than £15! Very poor quality toy indeed. Do not buy if you want a toy that does what it says and will last as this does neither.