Friday, 4 November 2011

Rastamouse Talking Plush Toy and DVD

If one show on CBeebies has got the nation talking (and tuning in regardless of being a parent!) its lovable crime fighter Rastamouse. Not since Roland Rat has a rodent made such an impression. So, it was a mad dash when the Tot Testers got to try out two items from the Rastamouse show, a DVD and a talking plush toy.

I may be a near on 30 Mum of two, but if there is one show on CBeebies which I don't mind secretly tuning into with the Tots, its Rastamouse. The combination of great music, Reggie Yates' so cool and laid back voice over for the character, and of course the message to kids to be good and help out makes it one of the best kids TV shows I've seen in quite some time.

Rastamouse seems to be the antidote to the "loud and brash hyperactive" brand of kids TV. Da Easy Crew, Rastamouse's band and crime fighting agent friends manage to solve crime and "make a bad thing good" without the need of prat falls, and presenters or characters who seem to have downed copious amounts of fizzy pop and sweeties before turning up to film.

Even the naughtier characters, such as Bag o' Tea, are lovable, and as a household we're well and truly hooked.

The DVD comes with the whole first series, which we have now permanently in residence in the DVD player. All the characters are there, and every episode features the lovable characters of Mouseland getting into scrapes.

We've loved the show since it was a one off episode of Jackanory Junior, and love the tongue in cheek names of the characters. 

The plush talking Rastamouse has had to be cuddled on rota, as he's become very popular indeed. I hope that the company will release the rest of the main characters from the show as well, as these would prove just as popular.

Rastamouse says all the phrases you'd expect (and which my tow both love to say!) in his distinctive voice, as well as including music from the show. Usually these sorts of toys drive me mad after a while, but you can't help but smile when you hear the toy. It's easy for little fingers to work out as its a simple tummy press to activate.

If you haven't yet seen Rastamouse, you must, its one of the best I've seen since becoming a parent, and just right to curl up on the sofa and watch. With the children, of course!

Both the DVD "The Crucial Plan and Other Adventures" and the talking plush toy are available from Amazon and other good retailers, priced £8.49 for the DVD and £12.99 for the plush toy.

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