Monday, 19 March 2012

BabyBjorn Booster Chair

In her debut review as a member of the Family Panel team, Janice from A Working Mum has employed the services of Little Fella to test the Baby Bjorn Booster Chair. So, did Mum and son love it, or was it a let down, seat wise?

The lovely people at BabyBjörn have sent us their new booster chair to review.

The booster chair has been designed to enable your child to sit comfortably at the dinning table on an adult chair and more importantly at the correct height.

It’s has an ergonomic design made from very lightweight recyclable plastic, does not contain any PVC or BPA (bisphenol A), making it environmentally friendly and easily portable.

The booster chair has a very easily adjustable band on the base which clips under the chair to ensure a very snug fit, that combined with non-slip pads ensures that the booster chair does not move whilst it’s being used.

BabyBjörn recommends that the booster chair is suitable for ages 3 and above, but we’ve been using it with our son who’s only 23 months and he loves it. As the sides and back of the booster chair hug your child’s bottom and legs, our son felt very secure sitting on it and he enjoyed sitting up at the table with us eating his dinner instead of in his high chair.

The booster chair has a very smooth finish making it very easy to clean, the only slight drawback is that it only comes in white, which over time may not look so good, but time will tell.

The booster chair can be purchased from Amazon, Kiddicare and Jojo Maman Bébé. The only negative thing that I have to say about the booster chair is the price, the RRP is £59.99, which may put some people off.

We’d certainly recommend the booster chair, it’s ideal to take with you when visiting relatives or friends, or when going away on holiday.

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