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Brush-Baby Chewable Toothbrush and Baby & Toddler Toothpaste Review

brush baby toothpaste and chewable brush
Mellow Mummy and her toddler daughter have been trying out the Chewable Toothbrush and Baby & Toddler Toothpaste by Brush-Baby.

We started brushing our daughter's teeth when the first tiny tooth poked through at 6 months old and getting her to accept a toothbrush or toothpaste was a daily struggle for nearly two years afterwards. Only since Christmas has our daughter actually volunteered to brush her teeth and sometimes it is still hard work. I wish now that we had known about the Brush-Baby chewable toothbrush earlier.

brush baby chewable toothbrushThe chewable toothbrush is a small, soft and flexible mouth-shaped 'brush' designed to curve around a tiny mouth. The head has lots of small wibbly wobbly bristles that your baby or toddler can chew on until their heart's content. It is, of course, BPA free and it is safe to go into a steriliser or into your dishwasher. As a mum-to-be who has been through the troubles of teething once before, I really like the fact that you can put the chewable toothbrush in the fridge and then use it for teething relief of sore gums but I think the best thing is that it is intended for use with or without toothpaste on it.

The Brush-Baby chewable toothbrush has a small handle that your child can grip and so use the brush independently. When my daughter struggled to use the brush, I tried to help by holding it myself but found the handle too small for me to easily grab hold of – a larger handle might be useful for a parent, especially when assisting a baby to brush their own teeth.

My 2.5 year old struggled to use the chewable toothbrush, mostly I think because she now knows how to use a traditional toothbrush and was left a little confused by this totally new experience. I think it would be perfect as a first toothbrush for a much smaller baby or toddler.

Brush-Baby also make a toothpaste designed specifically for babies and toddlers. The Brush-Baby Baby and Toddler toothpaste is suitable from 0-3 years. It contains low fluoride levels so it is safe to swallow (thank goodness! Teaching a small child not to swallow toothpaste is astonishingly difficult!!!). It also contains Xylitol as an active ingredient...

brush baby and toddler toothpasteXylitol is a natural sugar and Brush-Baby use it because it is known to help reduce tooth decay by preventing the bacteria in your mouth from producing acid on the teeth. My daughter liked the Brush-Baby Baby and Toddler toothpaste because of it's appley minty scent and flavour – after two days of using it she started pestering me for the 'apple toothpaste' before she went to bed. I liked the fact that the paste was a light, transparent gel rather than the thick white cement-like paste that sticks to your sink! We were both pleasantly surprised at how well the toothpaste foamed for an SLS-free product (SLS causes the foaming you usually associate with toothpaste but it is a known allergen for young children) – a low-foaming toothpaste is ideal for younger children because it doesn't fill the mouth unexpectedly.

The Brush-Baby chewable toothbrush costs around £4.99 and is available in 3 colours. The Brush-Baby Baby and Toddler Toothpaste and brushes can be found in Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco along with a number of specialist retailers and online. Brush-Baby also make toothpaste and dental floss for slightly older children.

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