Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lazy Town Fit Fruits Juices

The new range of Lazy Town juices has been tested out by Mellow Mummy and her preschooler, Lara.

The new range of Lazy Town drinks have hit the shops and some of the range is available in Sainsburys, ASDA and Tesco stores. The range features cartons of squash, smoothies and juice drinks all designed to be fun yet healthy - they are all fruit based and free from artificial colours, sweetners, flavours and preservatives.

Lazy Town is aimed at 2 -6 year olds. The juices, waters and smoothies feature the three main characters from the Lazy Town TV show: Sportacus, Stephanie Sparkles and Robbie Rotten and they aim to draw on the healthy aspirations of the characters of the programme.

Lara tried out the Lazy Town Fit Fruits single-serving cartons which come in three flavours - Apple & Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime and Orange & Peach. They are made from 75% juice which is diluted with water; this means that they still have a strong juice flavour but with a lower sugar content to protect their teeth. Each carton contains the equivalent of one of your child's "five a day".

I shall be very honest and say that Lara really didn't like the Lazy Town Fit Fruits cartons and I know exactly why; I think she found the flavour combinations a bit wacky and would rather have done without the combinations - apple juice drink or orange juice drink are about as adventurous as she gets. Lara REALLY wanted to like them because the bright Lazy Town characters jump out at her every time she opens the cupboard!  Thankfully, we know lots of children who do love Apple & Blackcurrant drinks (not so wacky)  so I pack a couple in my changing bag when we are at the park.  I also I think that the Fit Fruits 200ml cartons will be ideal for Lara's 3rd birthday party we will be hosting in a couple of weeks time as they are bright and fun and don't spill easily!

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