Friday, 15 June 2012

Accessoryo Rucksacks

Littlest, of Lazy Girl's... Life  fame, is a stylish chap- so much so he often gets himself dressed for nursery. Despite it being 3am. So he was happy to try out a Rucksack from the range at is an online store selling a wide range of adults and kids clothing and accessories that are just that little bit different to the norm. Their website landing page pronounces them to trade on the ethos that accessories dont complete an outfit but make it, and sometimes if your tastes are different it can be daunting to find the right item to do just that.

I'm not a great fan of generic clothing or bags for kids, and the Bratlings generally don't wear t-shirts with their favourite TV character on them. With rucksacks, it's a different ball game, with most of what's available being the overly bright character covered variety. We then buy them what's available, and, of course, there is generally another child with the exact same bag which causes confusion when the children are being taught to be independent.

I also find that these rucksacks are far too roomy for what Littlest needs- his inhaler, a change of trousers and pants, and sometimes a small car. It seems a waste to have such a big rucksack on his back with hardly anything in it.

That's why I loved the Accessoryo bag we were sent.

Its exactly the right size for a nursery to primary age child, as its compact. It is deceptive though, I wasn't sure if his jacket would fit inside the main zip up part along with his spare jeans, but it did we ease. The material used is PU, making it stretchy and wipe clean- always a bonus when it comes to young children and spills. 

The padded and adjustable straps make it comfy for the walk to school, and will in time grow as he grows too.

The best part for Littlest was the smiley cat face to the front- I never thought he'd trade in his huge Wiggles rucksack for another, but the moment he saw the smiley face and ears, he was hooked. He even remarked that it was just the right size for him too.

I like that its not in your face too, its plain colour may not be attractive to everyone but I prefer that in a bag for kids- it goes with anything he wears easily. 

The bag costs £13.95 from the website, but I think this is not overly priced when you consider they aren't going to go off the character as their TV hero changes (I speak with experience of Mini having first a Night Garden, then a Peppa Pig, and finally a Hello Kitty rucksack in the 2 years she was at Nursery).

There are lots of equally cute designs available, all with plenty of room for what the child needs for school. A great item. 

You can find more from Accessoryo at their site 

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