Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hi-Tec Harmony Lace Hiking Shoes

Anyone who knows guest reviewer Emma Button (aka Mellow Mummy) well, will know that she isn't normally one for high heels. Having, for the second year running, resolved to 'wear more shoes', she has been tasked with reviewing the new 'Harmony' range of women's walking and hiking shoes for spring and summer 2012 by Hi-Tec. Today Emma is reviewing the Hi-Tec Harmony Lace.

hi-tec harmony lace womens hiking shoe

The Harmony Lace hiking boot is the type of shoe that I normally wear on a day to day basis - OK, so it's a hiking boot, designed to cope with all terrains but for me, a shoe that can cope with slippery slopes and craggy cliffs should be just as able to cope with urban pavements and comfy office carpets as part of my daily grind.

All of the shoes in the new Hi-Tec Harmony range have been designed by italian designers and I think this is reflected in the shape and style of the Hi-Tec Harmony Lace which is a lot more femininely shaped than other walking shoes I've worn before. I like the different textures of fabrics on the shoe - soft nubuck style, some rugged wear fabrics and some breathable areas. The grey colour of the Lace shoe is subtle - not too feminine but not too blokey either and the bright yellow lace holders and slightly darker sole cut through the grey-ness. I really like the style of the shoe and would pick this shoe from a shelf in a store full of walking shoes!

hi-tec harmony lace

The inside of the shoe is really comfortable - I was able to wear them out and about for a full day straight away with no breaking in. It is well cushioned and feels light - the fibres are designed to draw away moisture from the foot so that when you are walking you don't get hot and sweaty.

The sole of the shoe is pretty firm but still gives some flexibility. It is a Vibram™ outsole which means it should be really durable for when I want to push my shoes that little bit further; it should also mean that they last a long time which adds to the value for money.

On the first day that I wore the Hi-Tec Harmony Lace shoes out of the house is was really impressed with how comfy they were - I barely noticed the shoes other than towards the end of the day when I became really aware that the shoes were supporting the base of my tired feet - I could feel the slight shaping of the sole of the shoe holding me up!

I would say that the rear of the Lace shoe (the area that supports the ankle) is just a tiny eenie weenie touch too high for every day urban use but you would miss this support if you were hiking or actively walking so I wouldn't wish it away.

The Hi-Tec Harmony Lace hiking shoe is available in sizes 4-8 (including half sizes) and retails for around £75

* Wearing the right footwear is essential when hiking or taking long walks, however if you do suffer an injury such as a sprain on your ankle while doing such an activity it may require specialised physiotherapy treatment. An appointment can be booked with a physio at one of the private hospitals in Manchester if your doctor refers you for this kind of treatment.

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