Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Low Walking Shoes

Guest reviewer Mellow Mummy (aka Emma!) has recently been putting the new spring/summer range of Hi-Tec Harmony walking shoes through their paces (sorry, couldn't resist that one!). Today Emma gives us her thoughts on the Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Low walking shoes.

I recently reviewed the Harmony Lace shoe and found it to be a pleasantly feminine hiking shoe - the Harmony Lite low-ankle walking shoe is not quite as elegant (in my eyes) but it does have a really nice shape that works well with long feet (like mine) and once again, as with other shoes in the Harmony range, the italian design shows through.

The Harmony Lite Low is the low-ankle version of the Lite walking boot (which is also available with a high-ankle support and mid-level support too). It is available in a light grey with blue and, a little more earthy, a taupe with green. The Harmony Lite Low is designed specifically for my kind of usage - a combination of urban everyday usage and some more strenuous out-of-town walking or hiking.

The inside of the Lite Low shoe is lightly contoured to offer support to your toes and instep - most of the time you don't notice this at all because the shoe is incredibly snug and comfy (I'd even say it was more comfortable than the Harmony Lace) but you really notice the support when you wear the shoes for a long time; by the end of the day you are aware that the shoe is holding you up! The shoe has a coloured foot-liner which makes it feel quite soft to wear but really is designed to help absorb sweat when you are walking and to ensure your feet don't get too warm (even in the recent hot weather I found the shoe to be comfortable to wear).

The sole of the shoe is a Vibram™ sole which is a name I know and trust.  I think that the Harmony Lite Low shoe looks and feels a lot more like a walking or hiking shoe than some other cross-terrain shoes (such as the Harmony Lace) but that doesn't mean that I would rule it out for day-to-day wear.

I have yet to push the Harmony Lite Low to its boundaries but I have done one or two wet days out in them and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the brushed effect fabric stood up to the wet weather.  I had expected it to look dull and need refreshing (not something you really want to do with an outdoor shoe) but in fact it dried quickly and looks just as good as I would expect it to... perhaps not like new, but presentable enough.

The Hi-Tec Harmony Lite Low shoe retails for around £65 and is available in sizes 4-8 (including half sizes).

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