Friday, 1 June 2012

PomeGreat PurePlus Juices

Mellow Mummy gives us the lowdown on the natural health benefits of pomegranate juice and extract.

I love to eat pomegranates but the pith and seeds can often add bitterness to an otherwise enjoyable fruit. In the past I have drunk pomegranate juice as a means of warding off urinary infection and I have also used the juice as an ingredient in mediterranean cookery. This week I have been trying out the new range of PomeGreat PurePlus pomegranate juice drinks.

PomeGreat PurePlus is a new range of pomegranate juices with a special pomegranate extract made from the whole fruit, not just the seeds. This pure fruit extract is claimed to have some amazing medicinal properties and PomeGreat are billing it as the biggest step forward in natural medicine for years; they are even selling the extract in capsule form.

First of all I tried the pure pomegranate juice drink which was slightly darker than my normal pomegranate juice. It wasn't noticeably more bitter or strong than any other, despite using the extract from the whole fruit. I often find pomegranate juice to be quite drying on the mouth but this wasn't too bad at all.

My favourite juice from the range was the PomeGreat PurePlus with Cherry. This is a really deep dark burgundy in colour - almost like red wine! It tastes intensely fruity and the dryness of the pomegranate works really well to cut through the sweetness of the cherry juice. I found the drink to be so drinkable that I kept going back for more. This is a really tasty way to enjoy the health benefits of pomegranate extract without the bitter or dry experience.

The health benefits raved about by PomeGreat PurePlus are a whole lot more extensive than just the traditional uses for pomegranate juice. They include a reduction in hypetension, anti-inflammatory properties, UV protection, anti-microbial properties each of which shows promise for tackling some cancers, cardiovascular diseases and even sexual dysfunction.

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