Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Flora Cuisine Review

Just Like the Lazy Girl, Mellow Mummy likes to spend her time in the kitchen and is often challenged to cook healthy yet simple recipes that the whole family can share.  This week Emma has been trying out Flora Cuisine - a liquid fat for frying, baking and roasting.

Flora Cuisine is a very alien thing when you first come across it - it is a bit like melting margarine!  A relatively thick yellow cooking liquid that is a blend of three different vegetable fats.  It scared me at first.  After a couple of weeks using it I am a total convert.  

Before the days when olive oil was trendy I would often try and fry or roast food using margarine but it often burns when it melts which leaves your food tasting bitter - Flora Cuisine solves this problem because it is already liquid and, when it is hot enough to cook, it goes a transparent golden colour and doesn't burn at such a low temperature which for me makes it ideal for frying; it also has 45% less saturated fat than olive oil so is healthier for those people trying to reduce their fat intake.

I experimented with Flora Cuisine in a batch of fairy cakes too - 100ml is the equivalent of 100g of solid butter or marge.  The result was good but it did seem like an expensive alternative.  Flora Cuisine is high in omega 3 as well but it still hasn't won me over for baking!

Other uses for Flora Cuisine include greasing a tin (I used it to grease the cake tin for my daughter's birthday cake even though I didn't use it in the baking of the cake itself), and also for basting.

My most successful experiment with Flora Cuisine was for a curry - the thick liquid texture of Flora Cuisine is as close as I've come to ghee without actually resorting to ghee itself!  I found it absolutely perfect for soft-frying onions, garlic and ginger while leaving that buttery taste that makes a curry so rich and meltingly tasty.  And, because I cook curry at least once a week, Flora Cuisine is my new best friend.

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