Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mia Tui Amelie Bag

The Lazy Girl is a busy Mum, and with the holidays being well under way, there is even more bots and bobs to bring out with The Bratlings. Does the Mia Tui have what it takes to survive everyday needs?

I love handbags- that's the first thing I must say during this review. Yet, after I had first Mini, then later Littlest, my lovely and varied collection (of which there were quite a few too many in Gadget Dads opinion) became redundant.

Over night, I went from stylish to drab. The first of many frankly cringe worthy, yet practical Mummy Bags I owned had a Winnie the Pooh design, with a folded in nappy mat that split within days. Stylish was not the buzzword.

The problem? My pre-children bags were too small for the nappies, wipes, toys and other essential bits which Mums need to carry, but the Mum Bags were just not what I wanted to hang over my buggy. 

Mia Tui think they have the answer, and, after using one for a few weeks, I'm inclined to agree. The company was founded in 2010 by a busy Mum of two who found herself in exactly the same position as I was as a new Mum. 

There are many different variations, colours and styles available, but I tested the Amelie.

Clever design makes this a stylish must have
The bag is quite big, but it's not overly heavy or cumbersome. Think the trend for huge bags of 2011 and you've got the idea. Its got heaps of internal storage, with handy pockets for everything from a brolly to your phone.

You can tell it was the brainchild of a Mum in the know just from the simplicty, style and sense of the bag- for example, how many times have you searched for a bottle or cup of juice, only to find it has spilled over the bottom of the bag? Not with the Amelie as there is a handy side pocket just the right size for a bottle or cup. It also doubles as a handy place for your own bottle of water should you wish to use the bag without the kids in tow at the gym or elsewhere.

The zipper bags inside are great for those everyday items we Mums carry!
Yes, that's right, in my opinion, this bag is so not the usual Mummy bag. There are no twee designs, just a range of colours and better yet they are wipe clean PVC. You can use this for most situations as its such a great size. Its currently being packed for the two days The Bratlings will be spending at the beach with their Aunt, and there is plenty of space for two days of clothes, pyjamas and swimsuits, not to mention a teddy or two.

Compared to similar bags aimed at the Mummy Market, its competitively priced too, at a reasonable £44.99.

If, like me, you want a bag which not only will last past the baby era (because you may not need nappies anymore but there is always something they need you to lug for them), but can be used for any situation, this is the bag you need in your life. Ditch the twee!

You can view more of the Mia Tui range here

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