Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tristel Protect Disinfectant

Mellow Mummy recently gave birth to her second daughter and knows how important it is to keep a baby's nursery clean. Today she has been testing out the Tristel Protect disinfectant designed for use on hard surfaces used for babies.

Tristel Protect is a range of disinfectant products that are not only found in hospitals but which you can also buy to use at home. The Protect range has been clinically certified as appropriate for use on surfaces used by your babies and children.

The foam is sporicidal (if you apply it to the surface for at least 30 seconds), by this Tristel mean that it can kill bacterial spores (which many supermarket brands of disinfectant don't). Alongside this it can also kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Unlike many brands, Tristel state clearly which microorganisms it can kill and what infections it is known to protect against. The power of Tristel means that it is certified for use in hospitals.

When I first used the Tristel Protect sporicidal foam I was taken aback by the smell. It pretty much knocked me for six! The active ingredient is chlorine dioxide which does have a pretty pungent smell and certainly tells you how powerful it is. The product is safe to use for hard surfaces such as changing units, cribs, plastic toys (yes it is safe to do this!), sinks and baths as well as equipment such as ear thermometers. I think however that I wouldn't want my baby girl to be in the room with me when I used it because of the strong smell.

Used in combination with the Tristel Protect bactericidal wipes I find the foam really handy for cleaning the changing mat. Used alone, they protect against bacteria and can be used around the kitchen too - I'd imagine they are perfect for cleaning a high chair with (we have all that fun yet to come). The wipes don't really have a smell at all. They are not too wet and not too dry, I think they work well for us in our household.

A pack of 35 Tristel bactericidal wipes costs £5.88 and a bottle of the sporicidal foam costs £16.25 but will last you a very long time as you hardly need any of the product at each use.

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