Thursday, 9 August 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL: Aldi Uniforms

Today sees the start of our BACK TO SCHOOL season of posts, bringing you reviews of all those soon to be must have items from uniform for all budgets to pencils and cases. First up it's ALDI and their cut price uniforms.

In the last few years, supermarkets seem to have gone from being the home of your weekly shop to mini emporiums of all things from shampoo to shoes. Most supermarkets will argue that their affordable uniform is best, and it is now the main place for thrifty parents to fit out kids for the coming year.

International supermarket, Aldi, which is more at the budget end of shopping has joined in, with their own version of all rounder school uniforms. However, these are only around for a short time so its get there now or miss out!

To be fair, I was expecting much- at prices as low as £1.25 for 2 polo shirts, I thought they'd be pretty basic.

In fact, they meet the standards of previous supermarket uniform buys, with soft cotton which, on washing 5 times came out good as new. Obviously, most of the washing and surviving it test is built on what washing detergent you use, and my tip is to use an in-wash whitener every time.

They are also- and Mum's rejoice- non iron, and it works. I have bought non-iron skirts with pleats before, and then spent 20 minutes trying to iron the pleats back in, so obviously the "pleats stay in" skirt is a pleasure to own- simply wash it, hang it up and hey presto its ready for the next wear. At £1.50 and up to age 11, its also tumble dryer friendly- and with UK weather this is always welcome! 

For schools who don't demand a logo sweater, these are available too in a variety of colours, again these are soft, non iron and wash well. At £1.25, for PE its a must.

They also stock trousers for girls and boys, and, rather than being the same shape, the girls have a neat cut to them so its obvious what gender they are for. They are really good quality considering they cost under £2, and hang well. 

Even better, Aldi has a "school uniform pack" costing just £4. Containing a 2 pack of polo shirts, round necked sweater and either a skirt or trousers, its a great little starter pack for kids starting in September.

To my mind, with the way The Bratlings have of getting any form of stain on their uniforms, this is an economical and purse friendly option, especially after the not so purse friendly school hols mean that for many, money is tight.

They wash well, are good quality, and available in various colours and up to age 11, I would recommend a visit to Aldi even if it isn't your usual supermarket. Stock is available in only a certain number so be quick!

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