Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ecover Zero - Fragrance Free Cleaning Range

Our resident eco warrior and cleaning expert, Mellow Mummy, has been trying out the brand new Ecover Zero range of fragrance free household products. Find out what she thought...

Ecover Zero is a brand new range from one of my favourite household names.  Ecover for me always find the right balance between effective cleaning products and environmental conscience.  The Zero range from Ecover was developed with families in mind because their fragrance-free products are ideal for small babies or those with sensitive skin.

I tried out the Ecover Zero non-bio washing liquid, fabric softener and washing-up liquid.

The Non-bio washing liquid is perfect for me as I have a three year old with VERY sensitive skin and a 3 month old whose skin needs looking after in these early days.  I found the liquid to be good at general purpose cleaning of clothes but I was REALLY pleasantly surprised to find that it was also effective on my reusable nappy wash (some detergents struggle to get the stains out).  When I opened the bottle of liquid to see what a fragrance-free detergent smelled like I was a bit worried that my clothes would come out smelling slightly 'chemically' (this sounds very silly because artificial fragrances ARE chemicals... but you know what I mean!); actually the clothes just come out smelling of... well... clothes!  I live in a hard water area and according to the dosage instructions, I would need to use quite a lot of the washing liquid on my regularly baby-stained washes so it could become quite expensive in the long run.

Ecover's fabric softener has long been one of my staple household products and one of the things I enjoy most is the light but inoffensive fragrance.  The Ecover Zero fabric softener has the same effectiveness as making the clothes less crinkly and scrunchy than they would be without softener but without any added fragrance at all.  For me, I think I'd personally rather go for the fragranced product but if you or your children suffer from skin allergies then this would be a great alternative.

The Ecover Zero washing up liquid is my favourite product from the range.  I've always found the artificial fragrances of washing up liquid to be superfluous and since becoming a mum, I have suffered from dry skin on my much-washed hands.  A fragrance-free washing up liquid is kinder to my hands.  It is just as capable of cleaning my dishes and just as effective at bubbling and foaming as my other washing up liquids but with a reduced risk of my hands hurting after use.

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