Friday, 10 August 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL: Knots No More Detangling Brush

Mini has, like most little girls, really long hair. And, like most girls, she hates having it brushed. We've been trying the Knots No More Detangling brush to see if it could stop the morning hair war in our house!

It's simple- I love that my daughter has long hair- I had mine cut off at her age and instantly regretted it. It looks lovely say at a party or when she was a bridesmaid last year, as its thick and golden blonde. However, the length and thickness means she has to have it tied back for school. It also means that a combination of the heat and the paddling pool makes it unmanageable.

Usually, bribery is all that's available to get her to sit and have it brushed through. But, she always ends up in tears, which leaves me feeling like the worst parent in the world (being that she's inherited the thick hair from me. Sorry Mini!).

When we were asked to try out Knots No More, I was skeptical. I have seen a few of these brushes on the market, but the cheapest I'd seen was £15 and it seemed like a lot to pay for a brush (bearing in mind Littlest has lost 4 hair brushes of mine this year alone).

I also wondered if it was going to work as promised due to its design- its butterfly shaped, multi-coloured and has a little container for your hair elastics. 

When it arrived, the skepticism continued- the bristles are soft plastic, and I thought they'd snap the minute they went near my daughter's unruly mop, post swim.

Shockingly, it worked. Not only did it not break, it glides through her tangles, leaving her hair smooth as silk. Within two minutes, you would have thought she'd been to the hairdresser, as the last time her hair was that tangle free and non-flyaway was back when she was a bridesmaid.

It does get stuck on very bad tangles, such as where she had had an ice cream and ended up with her hair in it (note to self, tie it back!), but there have been practically no tears since we've been using the Knots No More.

From Mini's perspective, it's colourful, and she loves the butterfly design. It was handy to put in her little handbag when she went to her Aunts beach house, and she could hide some hair elastics inside too.

At £6.99, its cheap by comparison. Its impressive that the lightweight design goes not just through a child's hair, but mine too and de-statics the hair. 

A must for Mum's facing the back to school hair battles!

The Knots No More is available for all major supermarkets.

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