Tuesday, 4 September 2012

BACK TO SCHOOL: Asda School Wear

Littlest starts school soon, so that means the inevitable uniform shop. When they start school, it can be the most expensive time until they start all over again with Secondary school, however, like many supermarkets, Asda has a range of affordable uniform in store all year round.

I have to put my hands up and admit to being quite new to shopping at Asda. Our "local" store is a good 15 minute drive and several villages over, and not on the bus route for our town, so prior to being car owners, it wasn't an option.

Since having a car, its now fast becoming our supermarket of choice. Our local store, in Cippenham is huge. There is nothing they don't stock, and the George concession is a big draw for fashion lovers like myself and of course Mini.

The adverts for Asda uniform make some huge promises- neat pleat skirts, indestructible Teflon coated trousers and easy iron shirts just a few of those, but my two are known for the ease with which they can ruin clothes in a matter of minutes.

I was first impressed with the price and quality of the clothing. The purse friendliness of them made me think these would be more cheap and cheerful and be not so well made. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find well made trousers with sturdy seams (a must with a footie loving, yet clumsy boy), and skirts with "choose the size" pull in elastic- great for a daughter who maybe size 6-7 tall but is size 5-6 to skinny!

I hate ironing, so the next thing I was impressed with was how well the uniform ironed. I tried washing the skirt and hung it on the line- no need for pegs on the pleats to help in the ironing. The shirts were hung up on hangers, and needed very little attention from the iron at all- I actually think should they be tumble dried in the winter I doubt they'd need ironing at all.

The coats range is very good value, after trying this uniform I was so impressed I decided to shop online and collect in store a winter coat for Mini. She is very hard to please, but picked a ribbon trimmed wool coat with great detailing. I would say it looks like a coat costing £50, but it was an absolute bargain at £18. Even the lining is thought out, with a bow detailing that Mini was very impressed with.

We also tried some sturdy school shoes. Again, great price and a great fit too. These struck the balance between pleasing us parents by being smart and flat, but pleased Mini and Littlest by being just a little trendy too.

Its very easy to buy too, either in store with your weekly shop, or online. If buying online, you can have it delivered to your door cheaply, or you can collect in store too. We received a quick response when we bought the coat, and Asda kept us updated where the coat was in the delivery process at all times.

At prices starting from £2 (for 2 white shirts or blouses) to under £20 (for coats) and shoes under £10, you really can't go wrong.

You find the whole range at the Schoolwear Shop

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