Thursday, 13 September 2012

Young's Gastro Range

Mini Bratling is a massive lover of fish, but is there an alternative to the much maligned fish finger that passes the kid test? We tried Tempura Battered Basa fillets from Young's new Gastro range to find out....

Fish is one of those foods that we all know in its "without batter" form is pretty healthy, however, despite trying many variations out on Mini, she does prefer the good old fashioned fish finger. She has fish for school lunch every Friday, such is her love of the stuff- its not eaten too often at home as Littlest has a nasty fish allergy.

Young's have long since been a brand that I have bought- yes, its slightly more expensive than shops own brands, but I do find the few pounds difference is comparable to the quality of the fish. 

Likewise, the new range had fish which was cooked to perfect and resembled fully form chunks of fish, rather than some brands which looks like the fish went through a mincer first and which, frankly isn't appetising.

It cooks easily in the oven, and the Tempura batter was light yet crisp. Such was the quality of the dish, you could very easily pass this off as your own efforts. 

Young's promise that their fish will taste fresh was honest too, it didn't have that dried out texture some brands have, as I say, it was flaky and succulent, and filling too- we served ours with salad and new potatoes and it made such a nice change from chips and fingers.

At £3.99 (rrp) for two pieces, some may be put off by the price, but I would say that, if you want a tasty alternative to classic fish slices that contain dried mashed fish with greasy bread or batter on top, then try this range out next time you're at the supermarket.

Mini, usually a fussy child, was very happy to try it, and cleaned her plate with no complaints, her verdict was to ask if it came from the chip shop as it tasted so yummy. However, I will say as its oven cooked it lacks the sheen of grease you get at the local chip shop, a welcome change in our home.

 A firm family favourite already, the range also includes Florentine Alaskan Pollock topped with Gruyere cheese and spinach, Thai Crusted Basa Fillets, Lightly Seeded Haddock fillets and Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Basa Fillets, and are available from all major supermarkets.

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