Thursday, 11 October 2012

Panasonic Bread Maker SD 2500

Lazy Girl has been very fortunate enough to be picked as one of ten UK Blogging Mums by Panasonic. As part of the Intelligent Living Mums blogging group, she'll bring you some great up to the minute reviews of Panasonic products. First up, the Panasonic SD 2500 Bread Maker.

I like to cook, but bread makers have kind of past me me by in terms of desirability. I've always thought that they would be costly, time consuming, and not produce that great results.
However, Panasonic have tasked me, as my first review as an Intelligent Living Mum, to try out one of their top of the range machines.

Firstly, I was pretty much way out when I thought they would be hard to set up, and messy to use. The set up was as simple as removing the bread machine from the box, placing the kneading blade in the center with a click, and plugging it in. Even I couldn't mess that up!

Its not very messy either, with a big non stick "bucket" which simply unclicks from the device and requires little more than a quick rub round with a damp cloth after use. The bucket is also really deep, so putting the ingredients in is simple and mess free too. 

The booklet which comes with the machine is very easy to make sense of too, with step by step guides if you are a novice bread maker. It also has a comprehensive list of recipes for everything from a plain old white loaf to jams and compotes, and dough recipes for Pizza bases too. So, not just the usual and easy to grow tired of humble loaf then.

The Brats enjoyed helping me measure out the simple ingredients for a large white loaf. The recipes contained in the booklet may be diverse, but these are user friendly too. No fancy terms or mixing, just a grid view of exactly what needs to go in, and how much to measure out too. 

Bar the ingredients, the Bread Maker comes with everything you'll need, including a handy measuring cup for the water, and a measuring spoon- deeper than your usual teaspoon so again, even Mini could meaure out the yeast without spilling it everywhere.
Ingredients in!

Once all the ingredients are in, you press the menu to the corresponding number of what you are making, press the size, and then start. You choose how crusty you want the bread too (we went with Dark), and even better, with the timer function you can choose when your bread is ready- great if you like a nice fresh loaf with your jam in the morning.

That is it. You sit back, and it does it all for you, producing, and we've made several loaves now (in fact we've not bought shop bought bread at all) perfect bread everytime.

The ingredients to make 5 loaves cost me the same as I would normally pay for a quality loaf in the supermarket. They are also very easy to buy too- something which puts me off gadgets usually is the availabilty of the ingredients needed for them. But Strong Bread Flour is now available, in white and wholemeal from most major supermarkets, as is Yeast. Those are the only two ingredients that you probably wont have in your cupboard already. The rest are every day items like salt, sugar and humble tap water!

Even the Skeptical Gadget Dad has been converted, the smell alone was enough to make him tuck in to the first loaf myself and the Brats made!

The picture speaks for itself- trying to keep the family away long enough to take a photo of the bread was hard!

I am definitely a make it in a Bread Maker convert.

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