Friday, 14 December 2012

Motherhood Featuring the Fiat 500L- A Review

I am a channel surfer- usually between one kids channel and another to aid a peaceful life and curb wars between still old enough for CBeebies Littlest and sudden CBBC convert Mini. So, I don't often get to watch ads until the evening, and, even then, I'm usually upstairs finding lost teds and giving out nighttime hot milk in the ad breaks.

Fiat, known for their clever and witty ads as well as their compact and fuel efficient cars asked me to watch their latest ad, titled "The Motherhood".

I'm not sure who wrote the lyrics to the song that makes the basis of this advert, but it's like they read all of my early motherhood posts and made them into a funny and clever rap. Its observations on being a Mum are spot on, and had me in stitches (not episiotomy ones for the record).

I love that, rather than traditional car ads which make me feel as if I am far too uncool to drive their slick machine, this did the utter opposite. It also blended the car into the advert without shoving it in your face, and combined with the rap element made it the advert feel like  across between a 50 Cent video and one of my home films!

I was really entertained and surprised by the unusual, and not to mention non patronising, style of the advert. Its humour is sharp, it doesn't feature someone rapping who you'd question whether they'd actually ever seen a child never mind given birth to one. It's sure to make top advert lists everywhere!

Well done Fiat, a big Thumbs Up for making this Mother feel like she's not alone in nit raking....

Click below to view the video yourself and let me know what you think.

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