Monday, 21 January 2013

Zaggora HotPants

The Lazy Girl has decided that perhaps her blog name is too close to what her fitness levels are, and, if you read her usual blog or UKMums.TV you can follow her fitness regime. If you are joining in with a New Year Health kick and are looking for helpful products, then remember to come back weekly here for some updates. First up is Zaggora HotPants....

I have to start by saying I usually get into fitness at least once a year, remember I like to eat sweets too much and give up. So, despite spending years as a child and teen being very active with dance, drama and girl guiding, I am very much a lapsed couch potato. 

A gadget which helps me feel the burn sooner and without causing myself injury is a must have, so, when the ladies behind Zaggora got in touch I couldn't wait to put them to the test.

When they arrived, they put me in mind of a wetsuit which someone has cut down to cycle shorts, or the kind of item given out in hospital for muscle strains. The material is thick, but don;t let that put you off. I managed to squeeze my thighs and bottom in with no hassle, giving me a supported feel and warming up pretty rapidly too.

The next step is to get active, and I tried the HotPants with both a calmer workout in the shape of  20 minutes of Yoga, and then a good 20 minute of jogging too.

They certainly don't get in the way of exercise, and I barely knew they were there- they are tight enough to go under sports clothes but offer enough to coverage to wear on their own (if you are braver than me!). 

The material is stretchy enough to allow even the bendiest of yoga move without chaffing or snapping back. I could feel a gentle warmness but not enough to distract me.
Again, when jogging, they offer a comfy support and stay put too, they don't have to be pulled up or put back into place. 

If I'm honest, as I wasn't feeling sweaty, I started to wonder whether they were working properly. I kept them on and indulged in my favourite form of fun exercise- Just Dance.

I really get into this, and find my old dance days return to me pretty easily, I can follow the movements with ease and I don't fell like I am slogging my guts out on a workout!

Again, the HotPants stayed put, they didn't hamper my dance at all.

After completing my workout, I hit the shower.


Peeling the Hotpants off was simple and easy, but my legs and bottom area- the whole area covered by the HotPants- was drenched! I hadn't felt that sweaty at all in that area and my tracksuit bottoms, as well as the outside layer of the HotPants were completely dry, leaving no unsightly marks. 

I found them easy to wash too- they can't go in the machine but they can be put in a bath of hotwater and then drip dried overnight on a radiator ready for the next day.

I have now been using my HotPants every day as second nature and have lost nearly an inch from my thighs already.

There are various other styles of HotPants available, including Hot Tops and full length trousers in a variety of sizes from their website and, if you are serious about losing those extra inches then these offer a simple, user friendly and not to mention comfortable option for even the most lapsed of fitness fan!

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