Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finding Affordable Car Hire for Families*

Whether it’s a holiday, visiting relatives or any other sort of trip, there are countless times when you may want or need to hire a car for your family. Sometimes, however that can be easier said than done.

Hiring any car is easy, finding one that's affordable and works to the benefit of your family’s needs is a different matter. With this in mind, here are some useful tips that might help, from getting the right car to getting the right car hire insurance and protection.

The Car

First of all, you need a car. This is where the cost of car hire itself comes from. As with any other business, don't be afraid to check your options. In popular areas, you usually have a few places to search for suitable car hire. This is best done in advance, so you can simply book the vehicle you want. When in doubt, don't be afraid to haggle. If you know two companies that would want your business, let the more expensive one know they might have to make a better deal.

Booking ahead is advisable – it not only means you can be sure a car is available for you but prices are normally lower. Some firms even offer free cancellation so by booking with them you can still shop around and cancel your original booking if you find a cheaper deal. 

You will often be charged extra for additional drivers, sat navs and child seats so do add in the costs of these before deciding on your car.

The Insurance

The car isn't the only cost; you need to consider insurance. The right car hire insurance needs to cover various aspects. It needs to meet the time frame of your rental, as a given. But you also need to think carefully about car hire excess insurance.

Some affordable car hire deals may look perfect, but if they have a high excess (the first part of any claim that you remain responsible for) it means you are exposed to more risk if something actually goes wrong. Sometimes it’s better to pay a little more upfront to prevent this risk. And if you do your research it is only a little more.

The car hire insurance panel offers comparisons from eleven different companies and offers very affordable car hire insurance. The money saving website, which recently upgraded their carhire insurance comparison service for 2013, is a good place to compare lots of policies in a few minutes..

Whilst all policies offered by the company cover the tyres, wheels, windscreens, underbody and roof which are almost always excluded from rental firm’s cover. Furthermore features such as lost keys, misfuelling or enhanced breakdown cover have been added by some insurers, with many increasing the maximum excess cover that they offer. European policies now cover excesses up to £5,000, and Worldwide £50,000.

With a little research and forward planning you will not only find a practical and affordable car, but will also have found plenty of ways to keep the costs down.

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