Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Looking for Gifts? Try a Best Kept Secret!*

Gifts are something which I imagine I will be buying lots of shortly, with birthdays and the obligatory summer weddings just on the horizon. But what do you buy for today's modern newlywed couples, who most of the time live together before their big day so don't need new sets of dishes and pans?

Online shopping is generally the answer to buying gifts for any age group or occasion, and online retailer Best Kept Secrets is one such site which offers an alternative to the bland gifts we all hand out.

Best Kept Secrets is a UK based site which offers exquisite, hand made scented candles in a variety of styles and fresh, noticeable fragrances, direct to your door.

Yes candles are not the usual gifting fayre, of course, but these candles are made by hand, and are displayed inside a range of tasteful tins, glass holders and even quirky bottles for their diffuser reeds.

Each candle is shown on the site and comes with a great description of their scent, and there is something for all tastes (and noses!) from crisp cool cotton and natural fruit scents, to the unusual in the form of their fresh shortbread scented candle.

You can buy them individually, or why not go for a gift box called the "Super Seven" which offers a selection of great scents in an attractive box.

Or why not go for a Personalised Candle, which cost just £9.99 and are easy to create on their online page? Simply chose the occasion the candle is for and Best kept Secrets will create the scent which perfectly matches it for you, and of course it can be shipped to you or the lucky person you have chosen it for. It really couldn't be simpler or more stylish!

These candles are not just a one time gift either- they burn for 50 hours so the scented beauty can be enjoyed time and time again.

With delivery costing a small £2, these are a great alternative to the usual gifts we all receive and which clutter up the cupboards- these can be used, are practical and smell divine! 

Why not head over to Best Kept Secrets today? 

*Prices correct at time of publication other sites are available online

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