Monday, 29 April 2013

Smoke Relief E-Cigarette

Smoking is something which we all know is a habit which is very bad for your health. However, if you are a long time smoker, like Gadget Dad, it can be very hard to break the habit, and will power alone is sometimes not enough. He's been trying out Smoke Relief, to see if it can help in the fight to break his habit.

I tried to give up smoking earlier in the year, and it wasn't my first attempt either. It's something I've done since my mid teens,  and I'm now in my mid forties. That's a long time, and it has had an effect on my health, which I'm noticing now as I get older. 

The problem is I start off with good intentions, binning my cigarettes, hiding my lighters, and swearing off nicotine. I've tried patches in the past but found them irritating, and a bit of a faff. I then tried a prescription drug from my GP, which it turned out I was allergic to and which made me quite ill. So, despite starting off well, it wasn't long before I was back to my old routine.

When Lazy Girl asked me to try out an e-cigarette- something I'd not tried before- I'll it I was sceptical. I have seen them advertised but thought they looked a bit daft to be fair.

Smoke Relief is marketed as America's most popular brand of e-cigarette, and the packaging is pretty non-descript. The device itself looks just like a cigarette, and smokes like one too, as well as having a glowing tip. The difference is that I was allowed to smoke them in places where smoking is banned, and also didn't have to stand in the rain of the garden when wanting to try it out indoors.

I wasn't sure of the taste, which was meant to be tobacco, but was slightly strange to me. You can taste a small amount of nicotine, but the overpowering  flavour I could detect was slightly sickly and took a few attempts to get used to. They are available in a variety of flavours though s if you don't get on with one you may find another you prefer. You can chose from Cherry, Menthol, Vanilla, Cappuccino and Apple.

I liked that the problem of having something to occupy my fingers- something patches don't help with- is taken care of. It becomes the norm to light up after a coffee or in the pub and suddenly when trying to quit you have hands which don't know what to do with themselves.

From a safety point of view, there is no risk of leaving a lit cigarette or lighter around to catch fire, there is no smelly ash tray, and my clothes didn't whiff of smoke. The Smoke Relief e-cigarette comes in a handy, pocket sized recharger the same size as a cigarette box, and it has three "filter" style tips which contain the combination of nicotine and fruit flavour.

The smoke is caused in much the same way as dry ice using vegetable glycerine, they don't contain tar which is what causes the cancerous cells to develop around the body. The glycerine is absorbed into the body the same way as sugar is so they are harmless.

I have used them in between trying to cut down on my smoking, it certainly is more helpful when out or at home when I have sole charge of the children as I've not had to nip outside to have a smoke. However, I do get slightly put off by having to re-order cartridges. They cost £5.95 for 5 cartridges, plus postage and packaging, so you do have to make sure to order them in bulk or well before you run out.

They are of course, cheaper than my usual cigarettes, but obviously it's much easier to walk to my local shop to pick up ten cigarettes rather than having to order these online.

Overall, I found these very easy to use, just plug in and recharge as you would a mobile phone. They taste a bit strange but you don't end up with the discoloured teeth and stinky breath associated with smoking, and they do sort out the empty hand problem. I don't think I could go "cold turkey" with it, but it certainly helped to cut down on my usual habitual use.

They'd be a great tool for a light smoker, or a social smoker who doesn't want to be the odd one out on smoking breaks.

Smoke Relief is available online. A starter kit the same as the one I used costs £29.97.

I was sent the kit as part of a review, but it has not altered my opinion on the product

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