Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Crosse and Blackwell 4Kids Fruit and Jelly Pots

Its summertime, and now that we don't have to fill the children up with foods that will provide them with an inner warmth, it's time to look for alternatives to sugar filled ice lollies and other treats. Crosse and Blackwell asked the Brats from The Lazy Girl Blog to try out their new range of Jelly and Fruit Pots. Here's what they thought, as told by Mini (6)...

Mummy always tries to get me to eat fruit, I like strawberries and apples but they are boring. I like them in ice lollies, but they are not very good for my teeth. 

I liked the Crosse and Blackwell desert pots, because they have Toy Story characters on them, I like Jessy the best, as she's a cowgirl. They are very nice to eat, I liked the jelly, it was very wibbly wobbly, so it made my brother laugh when we ate it.

Mummy put one of the pots in my lunch box instead of my usual snack bar. I like having a piece of fruit in my lunch box but if I have bananas they go all squidgy and not nice, and I can't eat a whole apple if it's not sliced up, but then if it is it goes a bit brown in the box, which looks yucky and I don't want to eat it.

The pots were perfect, though. They have a little spoon which folds up and is very cute, and they didn't leak in my lunch box like one of my yoghurt's did before. I liked that they are like having treasure to find when you get a big lump of lovely fruit from in the jelly.

I shared my Fruit and Jelly pot with my friend, as I found it very big at lunch time or after my dinner, but it was nice to share some, and it tastes lovely and not to sugary either.

Mummy says she likes the pots as they are one of our five a day and I didn't have to be bribed to eat it, as sometimes she tells me something I'm going to eat is something else but she fibs. 

I have told Mummy to buy lots more of these because they are very nice when it's warm and then I can eat fruit without it turning squashy or brown.

Littlest thinks they are yummy too.

So, there we have it, high praise indeed from a fussy Mini!

The desert pots also have natural fruit juices, no artificial preservatives or colours, so if you are trying to keep a healthy lifestyle for your child (or yourself- I tried one and they are delicious) these are a great substitute for sweets and great if you are trying to introduce more fruit to your child who is a bit reluctant to eat it.

They also come in a variety of different flavours so even the pickiest of child will find one they like, from mixed fruit to strawberry and apple, all with a fresh tasting, home made style jelly.

The Crosse and Blackwell 4Kids Fruit and Jelly pots are currently 65p from Tesco, and are 2 for 1 at the moment.

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