Thursday, 16 May 2013

Tree Fu Tom Pyjamas

Littlest from the Lazy Girl's Guide to Life is a massive fan of all things CBeebies, including Tree Fu Tom, a great action hero who kids can join in with. So, when he was asked to try out a pair of Tree Fu Pyjamas, he was very eager, and couldn't wait to Tree Fu Go and try them on (sorry sorry, I'll get me coat!)

Tree Fu Tom is one of few kids TV shows I don't mind as a parent as it promotes the child actually removing themselves from the sofa and moving around, or doing Tree Fu as Tom calls it, to help their hero out when he and his pals are in trouble.

The show itself is bright and colourful, and likewise the pyjamas Littlest was sent are bright and colourful too. They have a big picture of Tom on the front, meaning the moment Littlest took them from their packaging, he knew straight away what the pyjamas were (and immediately wanted to put them despite it being a mere 1pm on a Saturday afternoon).

They are lovely pyjamas, in washable cotton fabric, and after wearing them on and off as soon as they have come from the line, they are standing up to it well, we washed them at 30 as a guide, and I did accidentally stick them in the dryer once or twice too, which they managed to get away with it unscathed. 

What I like about these is that whilst they have the full length bottoms to them, the top is a t-shirt. It's important to Littlest's condition that he doesn't get over heated, so this would usually mean wearing an old short sleeve top with the pyjama bottoms. I've not seen many pairs with the short sleeve top, he complains that his legs get chilly, so we all have the best of both now.

They also stay up too- I find the sizing's of kids clothes are getting more and more approximate, and also find that whilst an item will fit his waist but be too long in the leg or vice versa, as these have an elasticated waist and ankle, I can pull them up and they don't dig in to his tummy, yet he doesn't trip over the bottoms as I can pull these up too and they stay put. May not seem that major an issue with baggy bottoms covering feet, but if you're child is like mine- eg eager to have breakfast and make noise like most 4 year old- then having something which could trip them over as they rush down stairs is just not an option safety wise.

There are a range of different styles of these too, either with t-shirt and shorts or long sleeved top and bottoms, so whatever you are looking for, if your child love Tom, they'll be covered.

At the moment, the style we tried is on special in Tesco stores for a very reasonable £5.50, so they make a great gift for a loved one or perhaps as a present for a classmate.

All in all, Littlest is in love with his Tree Fu jamas!

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