Thursday, 6 June 2013

Carrie and David Grant: Jump Up and Join In Books

The Bratlings love their books as they are great for bedtime and rainy days. They are also great pocket money buys too, and we have shelves of them! This week, they've been reading books with a difference by Carrie and David Grant. So, what did they think? This review is a joint effort between Mini and Mummy.

Mummy and Daddy like me to read a lot, as they think watching TV and playing games will make me lazy, and I have to read for school homework too. I went up two reading levels this week, and now I can read on my own, I like books where the pictures can help me with words I may get stuck on, as I read phonetically at the moment.

I liked the Jump Up and Join In books because they were about animals doing funny things, and they didn't take very long for me to read. I liked reading them to my younger brother, he is still learning so he really liked pointing to the pictures as I read about what everyone was doing.

The best part about these books was the CD. 

There is a few pages at the back with songs on, and the CD sings them to you. The songs were funny, and went really well with the story they were part of. I like that they are on CD, as I'm not allowed an iPod, and that this is a proper book and not an e-book as my computer is quite slow so doesn't load those very well.

Over to Mummy!

As a parent, I liked that the stories were just right for bedtime, not too long as to become a bit hard to keep up with, but not too short so to be told off by the children. 

I found that the accompanying CD was a great unique selling point for children whose heads may be starting to be turned by Kindles, Nooks or iPads. Personally, despite being badgered by Mini, I feel 6 is too young for this kind of tech- my Kobo was recently dropped by one of the children and required painstaking reboots, lots of swearing at PC screens which offered no help, and then had to be reloaded with all my gadgets (trying to remember my password was hard enough). 

The great thing with having the music CD is that, although the kids may not be aware of Carrie and David as musicians, or Fame Academy coaches, they are both arguably talented singers and songwriters, and of course, some older children like Mini remember them from their Pop Shop show on CBeebies.

This does indeed make for a good book, and also encourages kids to get up and dance rather than sitting around all day. The songs are infectious and will be hummed and sung to death after the first few plays, such is the ease at which the couple have made it to pick up the lyrics (note to self, do not find yourself singing in Tesco).

The illustrations are lovely, not overly fussy, and the stories are certainly pitched well to non and emerging readers between 3-8 years. 

My particular favourite featured an elephant who learnt not to give up via music, despite finding things tough- its a nice sentiment to kids who seem to face more and more pressure to be good at everything rather quickly.

The full range of Jump Up and Join In titles are available for between £4.99 and £5.99 from Amazon

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