Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gumigem - Jewellery for Mums with Teething Babies

Guest Reviewer, Emma from Mellow Mummy has a baby girl who likes to gnaw on anything in sight.  Find out how she got on with Gumigem jewellery.

Gumigem jewellery is for mums to wear but is made with babies in mind.  Everyone knows that babies find enormous pleasure in pulling and chewing on your jewellery (so much so that I have pretty much stopped wearing a necklace sine my youngest was born) and Gumigem embraces this.  Gumigem jewellery is made so that babies CAN chew on it without you having to panic.

I first tried Gumigem with my eldest daughter and the necklace became a favourite which I lifted out again this time around.  But in the past couple of years the Gumigem range has grown and now they make a fantastically wide range of chewable pendants, necklaces and bangles... they even make chewable dog tags so even Daddy can get involved!

Gumigem Miller Heart Teething Pendant

I love the simplicity of Gumigem jewellery.  Our latest acquisition is a matching chunky pendant and bangle.  They are both made from flexible non-toxic silicone that is free from any nasties so perfectly safe for baby to put in their mouth.  There are no small parts and the silicone won't be bitten through.

Our chilli pepper red Miller Heart and Bubba bangle are really quite large pieces and go very well with a plain black top to make them stand out.  They aren't delicate pieces (in fact I find the necklace quite heavy) but that doesn't mean that they're not feminine.  The pendant is tied on securely with a knot and has a soft  black lace with a clip-in fastening, all designed to reduce any possibility that the pendant or clip might ever come off.

Chewing the Gumigem Bangle

The bangle was an instant hit with both my baby girl AND my bigger girl.  In fact, I think that Gumigem jewellery is perfect for my big girl to wear around her baby sister to!  My youngest daughter is currently at an age where EVERYTHING goes into the mouth and with almost constant teething (but no more teeth in the last 6 months... sigh) she is always on the lookout for something to gnaw on and drool on and these Gumigem pieces are perfect for her right now because as long as I'm here, they're here too!

Gumigem also sell a range of other teething products such as bibs and toothbrushes.

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