Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Little Baby Born Doll: A Mini Video Review

Here for your watching pleasures, is Mini from The Lazy Girl's Guide to Life, who is today reviewing the newest Baby Born doll, My Little Baby Born, just right for first dolly owners and dolly fanatics alike. 

The Baby Born has certainly proved popular in our house, with Littlest also enjoying (and finding hilarious) the big selling feature of the doll- that it pees. They had hours of fun making it sit on a dolls potty, on the toilet (or over our toilet), and then even more hilariously making it pee itself (Mini was most unimpressed with this though). Hardly surprising as they are at the age where wee is the funniest thing ever, second only to breaking wind of course.

It's reasonably priced for a doll that pees and makes real life baby sounds at £24.99, and luckily most baby doll clothes will fit the doll too. There are lots of accessories available from pocket money amounts upwards, and it would be ideal for the Grandparents or friends to buy bits for birthdays or Christmas.

The My Little Baby Born is available from all good toy retailers as well as Smyths Toy Store, and comes with a bottle, two nappies, an outfit and headband.

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