Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Gobstopper Click n Mix Retro Sweets

The summer holidays are here and what better way to start the holidays than with a special treat of retro sweets.  Guest Reviewer Mellow Mummy has been trying out the online retro sweets Pick and Mix service from retro sweets supplier The Gobstopper.

Thankfully, neither of my girls is particularly into sweets.  Chocolates, yes (and there are in fact a lot of chocolates available on The Gobstopper) but sweets, no.  So I indulged myself with a bit of reminiscing about my childhood and ordered a pick an mix selection all for ME and nobody else!

The Gobstopper have an innovative online equivalent of the pick n mix of your childhood.

1. Choose a container.
I chose a small glass jar for less than a tenner.  The jar is a bit like the ones you would see in really old fashioned sweet shops with a rubber seal and a metal clasp.  The jar will be reusable for anything I fancy in the future.

2. Choose your sweets.
It took me a long time to decide on just three different types of sweet that I fancied.  In the end I plumped for tangy sugared dummies, some very traditional gummie bears and some Bassets Fruit Salads because I always used to choose them as a kid when I went out to spend my pocket money at the tuck shop.

3. Pay.
I found the online checkout procedure quick and easy.  My sweets arrived within 2 days of ordering and actually they had all been consumed within 2 days of receipt.  Woops.

It requires some discipline to choose just a small selection of sweets from The Gobstopper but I still think it was quite a fun experience.

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