Monday, 19 August 2013

Poundlands Back to School Range

Mini and Littlest are now looking forward to going back to school, and this year both need a pencil case with the basics. The problem in our house? They get bought them, they can't wait to open them and they all get lost within two minutes. So, if you are looking for a range you can spend pennies on, Poundland think they have the answer with a whole range of products for a Pound.

It's not just glitter pens and pencil cases, there is a range to suit the older school kid too. From Mtahs sets to notebooks, and even iPad case, and all at such a ridiculously cheap, budget friendly price that you can afford to buy spares. 

Do they look cheap? Well, no, not really.If you expect Mont Blanc then you'll be disappointed, but they are just as good as your usual high street brands which would cost a few pounds more.

I have stocked up as pocket money friendly gifts and extras for my two. It's also surprising that the character items are actual characters the kids know and love, from Minnie Mouse to The Muppets. Usually I would expect the brands to be "versions of" characters which look a bit rubbish by comparison but not at all!

I will definitely be trying out my local Poundland when I need bits and bobs for school.

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