Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bar Keepers Friend - Shiny New Cleaning Products Review

As our resident cleaning expert, Emma from Mellow Mummy has been trying out the newly-launched range of cleaning products from Bar Keepers Friend.

Bar Keepers Friend are America's oldest cleaning brand which dates back to 1882 and they have just re-launched in the UK with two shiny new products.

I have known about Bar Keepers Friend original formula stain remover for some time and I was really impressed by the new packaging which seems to have brought it really up to date - I like to use the original stain remover (a powder that you rub on and then rinse off) on our kitchen sink but I do tend to find it hard to totally get rid of the residue that it leaves on my shiny sink.

This is why I was genuinely excited to find out about the two new additions to the Bar Keepers Friend cleaning range - Power Spray and Power Cream.  Each of the products contains the same key cleaning ingredient, Oxalic acid (found in rhubarb) and they share the same familiar smell.

The Bar Keepers Friend power cream has been really useful for cleaning my sinks and kitchen work tops as it seems to offer the same level of scrubbing ability as the original stain remover but in quite a light cream.  I do still struggle to rinse it off or get it polished well enough to bring a permanent shine to things as there is a white residue afterwards but I think maybe that is just because I'm too lazy to keep going back to polish it as it dries.  I think this product would be perfect for bringing back life to traditional saucepans or chrome appliances in the kitchen as it doesn't scratch as it cleans and removes gunk.

My favourite product from the new range is the Power Spray as it is easier to apply than the cream or powder and for me it is easier to rinse off and actually leave a shine.  I've used it in all of my bathrooms and on the outside of my deep-fat frier to cut through grease.  The spray is described as "foaming" but I couldn't get it to foam (!) and the foaming action means that it should stick to upright surfaces such as shower or bath walls... it didn't.  I would say that the Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray is their easiest product to apply but it doesn't match the cleaning power of the original stain remover or the power cream.

Bar Keepers Friend can be used to clean more or less any surface and isn't limited to indoor cleaning but can be used on all sorts of things such as car wheel trims, bikes and outdoor furniture - find out more of its uses on their facebook page.

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