Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Maternity Wear- Purse Friendly and Bang On Trend? Yes Really!*

Ah, maternity wear. I wasn't a huge fan of it when I was pregnant with Mini, luckily I stayed a svelte 30 waist until I was 7 1/2 months and then wore elasticated gyspy skirts and a pair of men's dungarees!
However, as soon as I was two months pregnant with Littlest, I started to find my jeans all far too tight. I was dreading finding maternity wear, imaging smocks and tacksuit bottoms (neither of which would ever grace my wardrobe).
A friend told me I needn't worry, and sent me in the direction of High Street retailer, New Look. At first when I was told New Look had a range of fashion forward maternity wear, I thought the range would be a few tops, a dress and some maternity stretchy jeans. Not at all, and it's not marked up in price either.
I bought all my maternity wear from New Look in one go, from floaty dresses and tunics with stretch, to combat trousers and comfy jeans which don't dig in and feel uncomfortable.

They even cater for nights out with pretty wrap dresses that grow with your bump, maxi tube dresses, even the fashionista fave Skater dress has a bump covering version too.
There are simple cotton fabrics, luxe lace, and even ruched, leather look tops, and prices are purse friendly too with jeans for £19.99 and tops for as little as £7.99.
If you carry on working while pregnant, New Look have you covered with beautifully cut suits, blouses and skirts. There are coats too!
Feeling the pinch of the bump versus your current clothing? Then go direct to New Look for clothes which don't look like you're wearing a tent and which wont break the baby budget!

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