Friday, 20 September 2013

The Top 5 Traditional Toys for Children*

The concept of the traditional children’s nursery is wrapped up in Victorian imagery. The high-ceilinged room, complete with wooden crib or cot, sash windows and Victorian doors is an image that features in many books and films, most notably JM Barrie’s Peter Pan.

However, these days you have to be very lucky indeed in order to be able to have something like this in your own home. However, although the traditional nursery may be gone, traditional toys are still around. Here’s a quick run down of the top five traditional children’s toys.

Rocking horse

Carved out of wood and providing endless hours of fun, without a computer table or Xbox in sight, is there a more traditional children’s toy than this? Painted in different colours and providing a gentle rocking motion, a rocking horse has been a staple of playrooms for decades, if not hundreds of years. Although this traditional toy may be expensive, the fact that it can be passed down through the generations means that it will invariably prove to be a good investment.

The yo-yo

Every few years, the yo-yo seems to come back into fashion like…well…a yo-yo really. Such a simple design and with the potential and scope for so many tricks, this is a toy that keeps on giving. They come in many shapes and sizes, with a range of different materials used.

The toy car

Made of wood, then metal and now plastic, there have been toy cars for almost as long as there have been cars. Usually preferred by boys but some little girls feel the need for speed too. The only down side is that it was presumably the toy car that sparked the interest of a little boy called Jeremy Clarkson all those years ago.

Spinning top

Like a land-based yo-yo, the spinning top is a perennial kid’s favourite. A beautifully painted wooden top will produce some nice patterns when spun and the simplicity of design often appeals to kids of all ages.


Once considered the very definition of modern children’s play equipment, Lego has now been on the scene for decades. It’s still as popular as ever but considering most modern-day parents grew up playing it, it can definitely be classed as a classic. In fact, you never really grow out of loving Lego. Get a box out now and you’ll see what we mean.


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