Monday, 14 October 2013

Brother P-Touch H75 Label Maker

Getting the children back and forth to school or clubs without losing items is hard. But who has the time to write on every item, or sew awkward labels on? And what about lunchboxes which you can't sew labels on? Brother, the label maker company, sent us their latest model the P-Touch H75 to try out. Lazy Girl reports back.

I am rubbish at sewing, no matter how hard I try with labels, or how much I spend on them, they always last no more than two washes before fraying. I have also tried iron on labels but these tend to fade, then fall off, leaving the glue behind on the clothing (and, as I re-sale all the Brats old uniform as I buy good quality makes, this is not helpful). 

The Brother P-Touch H75 is very easy to set up, it needs batteries to run but these are cheap and easy to buy and the item comes with batteries included for first time use. Mine have been in for over a month and are still going strong.

As is the sticky tape that comes with the label maker. This can be bought in different colours and widths. Ours is clear and the ink is black so its very clear to see on all types of items.

We started off with the luchboxes and then washed them.

Its very simple to print with, you just type the letters in, and you can add a quirky cat, heart or star amongst other icons to please children like mine. The lunchbox was used as usual, and for Littlest who is in a class with 4 other boys with the same lunchbox, it made the mad lunchtime dash for pack ups much easier.

We then washed it at 40 degrees. The label stayed put, and on further washes continues to do so without any sign of moving, even in the corners. 

It also makes labelling quick and simple too, as once you have set the desired lettering you can just press print as many times as necessary. It even cuts the label off for you with a built in cutter on the side so it cuts cleanly.

We have used it on everything- coats, shoes, bags, uniform, and reading folders and all the bits and bobs they usually use have made it home safe and sound.

It is so simple to use, even Littlest worked it out in under 30 seconds! 

It's not just great for uniform- it makes light work of labelling kitchen cupboards, DVD boxes, and anything else you may wish to attach a label to.

If you have as many bits and bobs to label as we do, then it's well worth investing in, rather than spending every few months on other forms of label.

You can buy the label maker (or other versions from Brother) at their site for around £12.

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