Sunday, 6 October 2013

Talk Talk YouView Kids Boost- A Brats Vlog Review

We are lucky enough to be testing out Talk Talk and their range of services, and first up for review is the You View TV service and more specifically its Kids Boost.

Here's what The Brats thought of it:

From a parent's point of view, the box is simple to use, and can be plugged into a standard TV rooftop aerial or a signal booster indoor version. We have had to go with the indoor version so currently are limited to what channels we can receive, but we do get all the children's channels, including a range of Disney channels, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Boomerang.

Unlike other TV services, you also have a range of On Demand channels available, so if there's nothing the kids fancy playing in real time, they can choose from "box sets" of popular programmes, including everything from Pink Panther and Tom & Jerry to more modern favorites like Uomizumi, Dora and Peppa Pig. 

It certainly curbs rainy day boredom and the search for a non scratched DVD to play.

It costs £5 extra per month which I think is worth it due to the vast range of shows available at a click of a remote, and is less than you'd pay for a monthly subscription from Love Film amongst others.

It's also safe to use around the kids, as they can't pay for random things without a pin (great for evil geniuses like Littlest).

So far, so good.

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