Monday, 7 October 2013

The Anagranimals and The Wishing Tree, by Leith Moghli.

Mini Brat of the Lazy Girl blogs and Mini Moments has been reading a book by Leith Moghli, entitled "The Anagranimals and The Wishing Tree". So, what did our young reader think? Mini, it's over to you.

I like books with drawings, as they help me follow the story, I can read now but sometimes some words are tricky. The drawings in this book are very funny, as the animals all have bits and bobs from other animals.

This is because all the animals were normal but then they didn't like that other animals they lived near could do things they couldn't do, so they went to the Wishing Tree and asked for the things they were jealous of. It reminded me of when my little brother gets cross when I can do things like the monkey bars and he can't as I'm tall and he is not, or when Mummy is allowed to cook food she likes but I can't as I'm not an adult.

My favourite character from Pogo Bogo (where the animals live, I think it's a funny made up place) was Pedro, the Piggy-Croco-Puss who has a crocodile body and pussy cat paws! It looked very funny!

I enjoyed the funny story, it was very easy to read and made Littlest laugh too as I could read it to him at bedtime. It is long enough for a bedtime story too.

I would like it if there were more stories from Pogo Bogo to see what happens now the animals are all swapped, and what happens to the willow tree, perhaps things could go a bit wrong in a funny way, and teach the animals to be careful what they wish for.

I liked this book lots. 

If you'd like to own a copy, you can buy it from Amazon for £7.99

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