Thursday, 28 November 2013


Today we are starting our Christmas Review Run Down, but it's not just about the Toys! We aim to bring you food, beauty and homewares too, not to mention a few adult treats for those stuck for an idea for a gift. 
First up we turn to Food and Drink with Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port.

As many readers know, I also run The Lazy Girl's Guide to Cooking, and I do start to get quite excited planning what the family will be eating and drinking come December 25th. 

Taylor's have been producing port since 1692, and is still, three centuries on, family owned and run (something you don't see very often). The port they produce is made from single harvest fruits and is wood aged, to give it a pleasant taste when drunk as a dinner accompaniment.

Its not too sweet, something I feel pints to it not being a cheap, mass produced port, and isn't likely to knock you out with vinegary tastes either, something I have found when buying port before. 

It will also last for up to 5 years if stored correctly.

However, in my home, being that I like to turn the traditional Christmas fayre of turkey on it's head, I rather serve something else for dinner at the table. This year, I will be serving a three bird roast and a joint of beef, and of course, both require a gravy to complement the differing flavours and bring both together.

I tried using Taylor's in a practice run of dinner (minus the main three bird roast of course!) and it reduces well, mixing with the rest of the gravy ingredients. It has a pleasant undertone which doesn't dominate and really complimented the beef. I also feel it will pull the three bird roast together well, with the duck crying out for a fruit filled accompaniment. 

Priced at around £14.99, it really is reasonable as it's just so fruity and strikes the right balance with richness too. Whereas there are cheaper versions you will struggle to find one with the depth of flavour and class of Taylor's LBV.

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