Friday, 15 November 2013

Get Insulation Savvy and Save at Home Even on a Budget with E.ON*

Get Insulation Savvy and Save at Home Even on a Budget with E.ON

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Mention the words Fuel Bills and most UK bill payers will grumble. With prices seeming to climb higher every year, and fuel poverty scare stories the media buzzword, many will feel there is simply nothing they can do to stop their bill increasing.

However, it's not something which you can't help to lower the burden of from the ground up in your own home.

For those who want to lower their carbon footprint, as well as their bills, then it becomes a win win to find ways to help out at home.

This is why major UK energy supplier E.ON is involved with several projects aimed at helping householders save energy and understand more about how they use it in the first place. Their new campaign to only use the energy you need has given customers access to a great Saving Energy Toolkit which allows them to track the energy consumption, compare it with other similar households in the area and get access to plenty of useful hints and tips on how to save energy.

Insulation is something that is very important, especially when you consider that anything up to 40% of the energy you use to heat your home can be wasted through insufficient insulation. So just think- 40% of your costs are going straight out of the house and wasted- and not back into your home. Thankfully, the information provided by E.ON and their simple to use website gives plenty of ways in which you can access schemes such as The Green Deal to afford home improvements that will have a positive impact on both your bills and the environment.

Loft insulation

Loft insulation may seem a nightmare of dust and dirt (and costs), but it's actually one of the easiest and not to mention effective ways to reduce heat loss in your house. It's estimated that as much as 25% of household heat is lost through the roof. There are many products on the market and even the most novice of DIY-er can do the job in a day, without the need for expensive tradesmen. Or, you may be eligible for help with the cost and not know it!

Hot water pipes

Insulating your hot water pipes does not necessarily need any specialist skills or costly equipment and allows you to keep your funds for larger projects that are best left to the experts. Your hot water pipes run all around your home so reducing heat loss can see a good reduction in your heating bills. Not only that, but f you keep your pipes insulated, it reduces the chances of costly pipe bursts due to freezing.

Wall insulation

Whether you have cavity or solid walls, investing in the correct insulation can reduce heat loss in the home. It can even help with other issues such as condensation. Up to 33% of energy can be lost through your walls in the winter months.


If your windows are ill-fitting or draughty then they are literally 'leaking' heat from your home. And it's not just old or rotted wooden windows that suffer from the problem either, as even man-made, modern UPVC units can warp over time and become insecure too.

Obviously, the best, most energy efficient windows should be double glazed, no matter what style you have, as these keeps the heat in, but it's worth checking regularly that these windows still fit snuggly in their frames. That's a very simple , yet no less major step in reducing heat loss and therefore lowering bills.
So, go green, go heat savvy, and fit your home ready for the winter and beyond with E.ON- and you just ma start to see a drop in those scary, yet inevitable bills!

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