Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter May Be Here But Keep the Kids Active with ZOGGS!*

I love swimming, there is no better way of getting the children to exercise than a fun day at the local indoor pool. Despite the winter being here, indoor swimming is great fun- my local pool is like a sauna inside it's so tropically warm!
Getting children to learn to swim is so important, and teaches them a skill they will use again and again- whether it be just having a day at the beach and going for a swim, or if the need should arise jumping in to help if someone becomes out of their depth.
Some children do get nervous though, so how can we elp persuade them into the pool.
Well, ZOGGs can help.
There are plenty of fun swimming accessories from Zoggs, from caps to floats and life jackets too, all in a range of sizes and colours too. It certainly helped Mini to have one of their buoyancy aids when she was learning to swim as she felt safe and secure- and floated too!

They also have a range of squirty toys to, which can be used in both the bath and the pool, we also had a set of these little critters and despite them being used constantly in the bath, the pool, the paddling pool (and in mud puddles) are still looking great today after several years of service.

Zoggs are always my first choice for swimming items, as they are durable, and the range is comprehensive- you can tell they put thought and time into their products and are aware that swimming aids are great for building confidence in the water.

With prices starting at £5 (for blow up armbands- also a must have), you can buy everything you need from Zoggs online and be safe in the knowledge that your little swimmer will become a confident swimmer and learn safely too.

Zoggs definitely have my vote! Find them at online.


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