Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Beat the January Blues with ALDI Wines

Guest Reviewer Emma, from Mellow Mummy is banishing the January blues and stepping into Februrary with a selection of award winning wines from ALDI. Find out what she thinks of these tasty tipples.

Shortly before Christmas I was first introduced to ALDI's range of wines with this wonderfully mellow Limestone Coast Australian Chardonnay.  I thought it was awesome paired with their mature cheddar cheese.  The Limestone Coast chardonnay has a number of commendations under its belt from prestigious wine awards schemes and has been recommended as a great pairing with Chicken Korma which I can really picture working well.

The Limestone Coast chardonnay costs £5.99 at present in ALDI but, as part of their 'exquisite collection' it tastes like a bottle of wine with a price label of nearly twice this.

ALDI's wine range also features this Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon which, once again, makes a great pairing with a mature cheddar cheese and crunchy biscuits.  It is a really dark and purpley colour with strong fruity flavours.  Clare Valley is in Southern Australia and this wine is unmistakably Australian

Also part of the exquisite collection at ALDI, the Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon costs £6.99.

ALDI's Côtes du Rhône is a complete bargain at just £3.79.  It is a very traditional red wine that is light and will go with more or less anything.  Very quaffable!

We love to drink a Côtes du Rhône with pasta dishes and chicken dishes at a regular evening meal and I think the price of this wine is pretty impressive for everyday drinking.

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