Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Burns Original Cat Food Review

Our favourite guest reviewer, Emma from Mellow Mummy recently became the proud owner of a little black cat. Emma (well... strictly speaking, Bella the cat) has been reviewing the range of dry food for Cats from pet food specialist, Burns. Find out how they got on.

Burns dry foods for cats are made from natural ingredients (with no added scientific 'stuff' to address scientific 'issues') and this particularly appealed to me as a new cat owner - we all want to do the best for our pets.

The Burns dry cat food range features formats suitable for both kittens and for adult cats.  Our cat Bella has been trying out Burns Original Cat dry food for a week or so now and is certainly enjoying it.

The adult cat food comes in Fish & Brown Rice flavour and Chicken & Brown Rice flavour.  Because of the mix of carbohydrates and protein you should need to serve less to your cat at each meal.  I've noticed that, unlike normal, our cat hasn't wolfed it down in one sitting and will instead eat from her bowl several times during the day before finishing it all off.

Burns Original Cat is a low fat, naturally preserved, hypo-allergenic food for adult and  senior cats. Original Cat is suitable for  both healthy cats and those prone to skin or digestive problems. Original Cat contains highly digestible animal protein and contains all eleven essential amino acids cats require including taurine.

The 2kg bag is a good size for me as it will last us quite some time without the need to go back to the pet shop.  The bag is paper-based and I did have to fight quite hard to get into it!

Fish & Brown Rice Original Cat costs £10.12 for 2kg and Chicken & Brown Rice costs £9.00 for 2kg.  Burns Original Cat is available from pet stores including Pets At Home.  You can find out more at

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