Saturday, 15 March 2014

Easter Guide: Green & Black's Luxury Easter Eggs

Resident Choco-holic Lazy Girl has had the envious but by no means easy task of trying out some luxury chocolate Easter eggs from Green and Blacks...

I love Easter, it marks the start of nicer weather, lazy garden days, and the odd Easter Egg shaped treat! 

I have been trying some of the range that Green & Black's have to offer- in between trying to stop the Brats pinching them.

Green & Black's definitely make being an adult who still wants to join in with Easter Eggs easier. Instead of having to buy a partner or adult (or older teen with younger siblings) a gaudy, childish egg, you can buy something that looks classy and, better still, doesn't have that overly sweet taste that kid aimed eggs generally have in spades. 

As a lover of dark chocolate, I loved the Dark chocolate and mint version, it has all the decadence of dark, rich chocolate with a crisp taste of mint that compliments rather than overpowers.

The packaging is classic, and would look lovely on the gift table, the chocolate egg itself is reassuringly thick, and rather than being able to snaffle it all in one sitting, as with the usual eggs, I found it thick and chocolatey enough to require me to eat a little bit at a time. 

If the intended recipient likes milk over dark, then the Milk Collection is the one to go for. Containing a lush Chocolate egg as well as a generous bar of Butterscotch infused milk chocolate as well as their unusual Sea Salt and Milk bar (trust me, it works, the salt is barely noticeable but it works to make the cocoa even more rich and creamy), it's a chocolate lovers dream.

For those who like to be socially aware whilst eating their favorite sweet treats, Green & Black's are committed to using Fairtrade products, and carry the British Soil Associations Organic stamp of approval. 

Green & Blacks are available from most High Street retailers, priced at between £6 and £10. In some supermarkets, they are currently part of  "two for £10" offers, so it's worth shopping around (for a guilt free gift to yourself!).

You  can also buy them direct from Green & Blacks and view their full range of mouth watering delights at their website.

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