Thursday, 27 March 2014

My little BABY born® Bathing Fun Doll Review

The my little BABY born® Bathing Fun doll appeals to lots of little people who want to role play with a baby doll.  Our expert testers Holly and Lara (of Mellow Mummy fame) have been putting the brand new quick-drying doll from Zapf Creation to the test.

My two girls both have a fascination with playing "mummies" (maybe its because I perform the role so stunningly well myself?) and at school and nursery they love to play with dolls but, for one reason or another we don't really own many dolls - for this reason, the girls were over the moon to be asked to review the my little BABY born Bathing Fun doll.

This isn't a fancy doll but she has all of the features which gets little ones into their role play - she comes with her own babygrow and matching hat, a soft fabric nappy and a feeding bottle.  The doll has a soft body designed to dry much quicker than a normal doll so that you can use it in the bath without worrying about it taking forever to dry.

My two girls, aged 4 and 1 really got into the role play.  We have a baby doll bath and bath accessories so they loved being able to give their baby a dip in the tub.  I felt that the soft body looked a bit off-putting but the girls didn't really notice and the fact that it is filled with soft granules which help the quick-drying function is a great feature as it means we didn't have to leave the doll to dry overnight before they could get her dressed.  We found the doll to dry quite quickly but I still would avoid putting her clothes and nappy back on for a while after a bath.

Both Lara and Holly were most fascinated by the wetting feature.  The my little BABY born® Bathing Fun doll comes with a refillable feeding bottle which fits into the doll's mouth and is shaped specifically for children's hands to hold.  A matter of seconds after 'feeding' from the bottle the liquid contents appear out of the other end of baby in the soft fabric nappy!  The girls thought this was hilarious and when the moment takes them, they will feed and change the baby doll several times in a matter of minutes.

I found the nappy fabric to be of a lower quality than the rest of the doll and I think it could easily tear or be damaged but for an entry level doll I think it is reasonable.  I think the rest of the doll is really good for the price of around £19.99.

The my little BABY born® Bathing Fun doll from Zapf Creation is available in a number of online and high street retailers.

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